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( 1. ) Be excellent to each other.
This is also known as the "don't be an asshole" rule. Treat other players the same way you'd expect to be treated; wanking, trolling, bullying, and passive-aggression will not be tolerated, and will result in a strike. Should problems arise, please address them directly, politely, and in a timely fashion. If you can't resolve something with another player, go to the mods. If you're not sure how to handle the problem, go to the mods. We will do our absolute best to ensure that the conflict gets resolved in a way that addresses all concerns.
( 2. ) Three strikes, and you're out.
One instance of rule-breaking behavior is a strike, and any player who receives three strikes will be banned from the game. The only blanket exception to this rule is for players who lie about their age on their application, which will result in an immediate ban. The mods reserve the right to give multiple strikes for flagrant violations of the rules.
( 3. ) Stay in-character.
Although we understand that characters grow and change during their time in-game—and in fact encourage such development—we also maintain that such changes should follow a logical, reasonable progression. If you believe that another character is blatantly OOC and the player has not responded to reasonable, constructive critique, please bring your concerns to a mod.

Conversely, in-character actions should not reflect out-of-character knowledge about or feelings towards other players or characters. The fourth wall is firmly in place in this game, and IC dislike of your character does not—and should not—reflect badly on you as a player. Likewise, out-of-character knowledge about plot elements or other characters should not be reflected within IC actions.

In addition, in-character actions will lead to in-character consequences. The NPCs will be both active and proactive parts of the game, and reckless or drastic action by your characters may produce unforeseen negative results. While no one can force these consequences on you, persistently attempting to avoid the results of your IC actions may lead to a strike.
( 4. ) Respect our character limitations.
Ataraxion is open to characters from all types of media, provided there is an English version of that canon available, and original characters. Players may not have more than four characters in play at any given time. We operate a cast cap of fifteen, which means no cast as listed on the taken list may exceed fifteen characters. Canons are decided by their in-verse relation, meaning sequels and/or spin-offs will count as the same canon, though some canons are currently merged on the taken list for ease of reading and may be split if issues re: the cast cap are encountered.

Characters who are unavailable for application include:
◆ Real people, although fictionalized versions of characters—such as Thomas Jefferson from the musical 1776—are acceptable.
◆ Alternate-universe characters, save for canonical alternate universes, characters who are apped with CR from previous games, and malleable protagonists. (Our rules on alternate-universe applications can be found in more detail here on our applications page.)
◆ Fan characters or fandom OCs.
◆ Mythological characters.
◆ Characters whose canon is not available in English in any form. Scanlations and unofficial translations are acceptable forms of canon availability.
◆ Closely-related characters from the same canon.
If you feel your character may be an exception to one of the listed rules, feel free to ask a mod.
( 5. ) Please adhere to our formatting guidelines.
All network posts are to be placed in the main community, [community profile] ataraxion, with the format of the post (audio, video, or text) placed in the subject along with any other post title you may wish to include. Logs and action posts should be placed in the [community profile] ataraxionlogs community, and all out-of-character posts belong in [community profile] ataraxionooc. Similarly, memes and other silly posts should be placed in the crack community, [community profile] ataraxioff.

All posts should be tagged with the full name of the character making the post, in Western order, i.e. yuki nagato or harry potter rather than nagato yuki or potter harry; in addition, alternate universe characters should include | au after their name in their tag. Logs should be tagged with the full names of everyone participating.

We will leave it up to player discretion to properly rate any logs they may post, and we realize that it's entirely possible for posts to take an unexpected turn. However, posts containing potentially triggering material should be placed behind a cut with warnings for the type of content within, and any logs containing explicit sexual content or excessive violence should be friends-locked in addition to the previous warnings.

Underage sex—which we will define as smut logs containing characters under the age of 16 or players under the age of 18—is not allowed under any circumstances.
( 6. ) Be active.
Unless you have declared an official hiatus by filling out the appropriate form on the OOC post, all players must meet the minimum monthly AC requirements in order to continue playing at Ataraxion.

All players must make at least one post in either the network or logs community OR participate in a thread (containing at least 10 comments from each character on network posts or 5 comments from each character in log posts) in order to pass the activity check. Exceptions may be made in cases of extenuating circumstances, provided that players contact a mod prior to the end of the activity check, otherwise players have the option to take an activity strike.

You can find a detailed breakdown of AC requirements here.
( 7. ) Have fun!
Although this is a sci-fi horror game, we encourage a fun and friendly environment out-of-character. We want you to get creative and have fun during your time here, and we're here to facilitate that in any way we can. Party on, dudes!

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