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P L A Y E R   P L O T S
Use this form if you'd like to propose a player-run, game-wide plot. This form can also be used if you would like to run a small plot with specific characters rather than a game-wide plot, but would like mod permission or feedback on certain aspects of it. We'll try to keep in contact in the meantime, but please be aware that there might be a wait on getting your player plot up and running. We will put plots into play based on their relevancy to current game events or themes. This means some may get passed over until a later date, but should allow us to roll more plots out overall.

If we feel that a suggested plot isn't a good fit for the game, we will let you know ASAP so that you may revise it or withdraw it and suggest something else. If this is the case, we will do our best to provide details on what elements are causing problems so that you can make adjustments that should make your plot easier to put into play.

PLEASE NOTE: The main impetus fueling all player plots should come from the character(s) behind them. Whenever possible, we will offer up elements to help push your plot forward or expand it to a game-wide scope, but this is NOT GUARANTEED. You should make your suggestion under the assumption that the plot will be run by you with the information and tools currently available to you/your character. If we see an opening to offer you more, we'll give you some options.

P L O T   S U G G E S T I O N S
Use this form to make general plot suggestions. This can be "I'd like to see more of this/less of this", or a specific plot idea that you'd like to see the mods run.

S E T T I N G  S U G G E S T I O N S
Use this form if you'd like to suggest a location, flora or fauna to be added to the Planetfall setting. This can be a general suggestion, such as "a man-eating pine tree" or "an underwater city", a piece of inspirational concept art, or a fully fleshed out location. Please bear the current setting in mind when considering the suitability of your idea - it's very unlikely we can add downtown New York to the setting, and a sudden population of fairies would be a little off-genre! We can't promise that all suggestions will find a home in the game, but we will absolutely do our best to incorporate your ideas into the growth of the setting.

If you have a more general suggestion for the mods which doesn't fit any of the above, please direct it to the SUGGESTIONS page!

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