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A P P L I C A T I O N S   ( C L O S E D ).
Applications are currently closed.

Reserves are not necessary to apply for a character. As stated on the reserves page, if you have placed a reserve, your app will be looked over first. Challenge apps—or applications for the same character a player has previously reserved—will also be reviewed accordingly; a reserve only guarantees that we will wait until you have submitted your app before reviewing any others. In the event that challenging apps receive the same verdict, the reserve-holder will have preference. As with the reserves, the number of characters you may app is limited to two per round.

Applications will not receive responses until after the application round has closed.

If you are asked for revisions, they will need to be made within 72 hours of the initial request and resubmitted for reconsideration before the deadline. Revisions will be requested in order to address sections of the app we feel are underdeveloped, vague, or confusing. We will endeavor to make our requests as specific and comprehensive as possible. If you fail to submit your revisions during the specified time period, your app will be declined. If you feel you are unable to complete the revisions within the 72-hour period (due to RL difficulties or other complications), you are welcome to ask for a reasonable extension.

Your application will be declined if we feel your application does not meet the minimum basic standard for this game. We will never decline applications without reason, and we strive to give clear, detailed reasonings for our decisions. We do encourage you to reapply in the next app round, but bear in mind that if an app for a single character from the same player is rejected three times, we will no longer consider any future applications for that character from that player.

If your app is accepted, please be sure to read the welcome notice. Do not post to the network or logs comms until the arrival log is posted.
Casts currently approaching our character cap:

Please refer to the following for notes on what we'd like to see covered in each section:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

P L A Y E R   I N F O R M A T I O N
Your Name:
OOC Journal:
Under 18? If yes, what is your age? Please keep in mind that no players under the age of 16 will be allowed into the game, regardless of application quality.
Email + IM:
Characters Played at Ataraxion: If applicable.

C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N
Name: In Western order, or first name followed by family name.
Canon: If your character is an OC, please put "original". Please note that we operate a cast cap of fifteen characters. If there are more applications than available cast spaces in any one app round, they will be considered in order of submission.
Original or Alternate Universe: For original characters, please put "n/a".
Canon Point: At what point in time are you taking your character?

Setting: For canon characters, a wiki link will generally suffice, although more references are always better—especially if you are applying for a minor character. For OCs, please give us a reasonably thorough idea of what the world they come from is like. Is it modern-day Earth, but with superheroes? Is it a space opera set a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away? How does your character fit into this universe?

CANON CHARACTERS, please provide a link to a wiki article which adequately covers your character's specific history in their canon up to your chosen canon point. If no adequate wiki article is available, please provide a written rundown of your character's available screen time without exceeding 3000 words.

ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, please provide a thorough write up of your character's history without exceeding 3000 words. This section should focus primarily on events important to your specific character's growth, and should not take the form of an installment-by-installment summary covering absolutely all of the minutiae of your character's activities in their life; focus on keeping things concise but informative.

Personality: Please describe your character's personality! Ataraxion is primarily a psychological horror game, and we're interested in seeing how well you understand your character's psyche. We are primarily interested in your understanding of how your character's experiences shaped their motivations and actions in canon, and how those actions will translate to their time in Ataraxion, as well as any personality flaws or weaknesses they might have. You are welcome to refer back to events in a character's history in order to illustrate certain aspects of his or her personality, but this section is where we want to see your analysis of canon events rather than simply reading points repeated from the history section.

For characters who are on the borderline of acceptability, we need to feel that the history provided and personality written for us provide a complete and well-rounded character without an excessive use of headcanon. Evidence for characters' suitability for application can include—but is by no means limited to—their history, psychology, voice and vocal tics, reactions to the setting, and any canon relationships they may have.

Our general guideline for minor characters' applications is that they may not be more than two-thirds headcanon or extrapolation from canon. This rule is not an exact ratio and can vary depending on the canon and the character's amount of screentime, as well as any supplementary canon that may exist. We do not judge characters by a strict time limit of how much screentime they have, but how much of their character is shown in that screentime and a player's understanding of that character in their application. Headcanon (which includes facts about the character that are drawn from analysis of the canon but not explicitly stated, as well as facts that are simply made up) should be used sparingly and made as clear as possible in the application itself.

We reserve the right to apply the same two-thirds rule to applications from very early in the character's canon as we do to minor characters' applications. While we understand the desire to play development through in game, if you choose a very early canon point for a character and cannot substantiate that canon point with a comprehensive and thorough overview of their personality up until that point, as well as any other relevant history necessary to understand their choices in canon, we may reject your application or ask you to reapply in the next round with a more well-rounded canon point.

There is no minimum length for this section, as we realize that some people are more concise in their analysis than others, but your overview of your character's personality, motivations, and flaws should be both thorough and comprehensive.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: These include both mental and physical abilities and weaknesses. Teleportation, flying, time-manipulation and reality warping powers will be automatically limited within the setting, and any abilities powered by an outside source will be cut off from that source - please refer to the FAQ for more details on this.

Superhuman or mystical powers will not, as a general rule, be limited, though this will be subject to mod discretion if we consider your character to be particularly overpowered in comparison to the rest of the game. If you believe your character falls into this, we ask that you provide suggestions on limitations, as hopefully you will know best how to reduce your character's powers without rendering them unplayable to you. We may ask you to restrict your character's powers further in a revisions or acceptance notice.

If your character is being humanized, please list their original abilities and then whether you would like them to have equivalent powers in their new body (and what those powers will be). Please refer to the FAQ for more information on this.

Inventory: Characters may arrive in game with a maximum of ten items. Arrival inventory items are the one and only time you will be able to bring items into the game outside of our ITEM REQUEST limitations, so choose wisely! Sets of Tranquility-issue clothing, including standard underclothes and a jumpsuit in their size will be found in medical.

Any supernatural, hypertech, or similarly powered objects may find themselves nerfed, similar to inherent supernatural abilities. Should this become necessary, the mods will address this via a note on characters' acceptance notices.

Species/Race: What is your character's species or race? Please keep in mind that while humanization is entirely open as an option for non-humanoid characters, we may require some non-human characters to be humanized in order to maintain the survival themes of the game. Please contact a mod prior to submitting your application if you have any questions regarding this and your character's specific circumstances.

Appearance: Characters who are being altered by game mechanics, characters with no canonical appearance, non-visual mediums, and OCs should all provide a thorough physical description.

If your character has a PB ("Played By", an actor representing them in their icons) please provide their name and a link to a picture, in character if possible. While we would also like a written description, it should focus primarily on physical traits not initially obvious in the pictures. PBs will not be accepted for characters from canons of visual mediums which provide usable pictures of that character, unless in exceptional circumstances, such as being physically altered by game mechanics. Please refer to the FAQ for more detail on this.

Age: Keep in mind that Ataraxion is a game that will contain mature and disturbing concepts; while we have no guidelines set for character ages, character maturity should be taken into account when deciding who to apply.

AU Clarification: If applying for a canon AU, please use this section to tell us how the characterization (and setting + history, if applicable) differs from the original universe. Remember that Ataraxion will only accept alternate-universe applications from characters bringing in CR from previous games, canonically-shown alternate universes--for example, Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and Cloud from Kingdom Hearts are both appable characters--and malleable protagonists from games such as Mass Effect, Fallout, and Dragon Age.

For CR AU applications, we're mainly looking for an answer to the question: How is this version of my character different than in canon? Have they experienced any character development—mentally or physically—during their time away from canon? What events have they undergone in the game, and how did they change your character? Links to relevant threads aren't required for this section, but if you include them, please be sure to give us a description of the thread and how it's important to your character's development, as well as any content warnings that might be necessary.

If you are reapplying for a character that you have previously played in Ataraxion, we ask that you use this section to clarify whether or not they will keep their memories from their previous stay in the game. If they do retain their memories, please update at least one of your samples to reflect their re-arrival on the ship, and use this section to describe any character growth experienced. This situation is not strictly considered a CR AU unless another existing version of the character is currently in game. In these cases, we strongly encourage potential applicants to speak to the existing cast. (NOTE: If you have killed off a character during their time in Ataraxion, you are not permitted to reapp them under any circumstances, whether they are a CR AU or fresh from canon.)

If you have questions about your character's specific circumstances, please contact a mod before submitting your application.

Log Sample: At least 200 words, please! We're mostly looking for a demonstration of your character's motivations and thought process in this section. While samples from characters' initial arrival to the game are permitted, it can be difficult to adequately demonstrate characters' unique viewpoints and opinions upon their immediate arrival. Be sure to consider carefully whether your grip on your character's inner voice will be easy to demonstrate through an arrival sample. If in doubt, please feel free to use a prompt either from your character's canon or from later in their time in the game for this section!

This section cannot be linked.

Comms Sample: This can be a sample post indicating how your character will use the network, or a link to a network-type thread of at least ten comments from your character! With this sample we're looking for a demonstration of your character's particular voice, as well as how and what they may choose to communicate about.

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