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E X P L O R A T I O N   A N D   S A L V A G E
Looking to salvage tech from the ship? Want to organize a charting expedition out into the jungle? Then you've come to the right place! Read the information below and use the forms to submit a request for mod-generated information on your characters' exploration efforts.

E X P L O R E   ( T H E   J U N G L E )
As a general activity, trips out into the jungle do not need mod input. If your character is venturing out to do some hunting or foraging, or heading down to the river, you need only work off the information available on the SETTING page and use your discretion. However, if your characters are venturing deeper into the jungle or down the cliff on a more concerted mission to explore, then this is the place for you.

Only one jungle exploration will be granted per character per month. While exploration is the primary avenue by which the game will expand and progress, large plot reveals are not guaranteed as we will also have to keep in mind pacing and game adjustment. If your exploration does involve a plot reveal, you will be required to disseminate this to the rest of the game upon your characters' return.

Please give us at least one week from the time of your request to your preferred date to write up the information for you.

S A L V A G E   ( T H E   S H I P )
The wreckage of the Tranquility is extremely unstable, making expeditions inside to salvage technology or supplies very dangerous. At the moment, Medical is the only freely accessible area - any attempts to press in further than Medical must be submitted here.

Due to the amount of damage which has been caused to the Tranquility's internal structure, your character knowing where they're going is a necessity to navigate the obstacles and blockages they are likely to encounter. Some areas will also need the nanite access granted by having signed up to that department while on board to enter or for the successful salvage of particular items. Activity in an area will also increase that area's instability; return trips will not be possible until it's had time to stabilize again.

Only one salvage attempt will be granted per character per month, any one specific area of the ship can only be salvaged from once a month, and only one salvage attempt can happen at a time.

Please give us at least one week from the time of your request to your preferred date to write up the information for you.

NOTE Barring timing conflicts, your character can be involved in any one exploration attempt AND any one salvage attempt per month, but not two explorations or two salvages in a single month.

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[personal profile] hairrands 2016-03-04 03:33 am (UTC)(link)
If AJ and Rey put out a network post about their find and tell people to come help pick some of this stuff up, do you want a separate salvage request put in? I'd love to do some 'text/audio to action' threads with this, and think that they'd be a natural progression to what's been found here... however you mention that they can only take some things on their own. I realize that if more people show up on the scene that might affect the Tranquility's stability, too.

I'd love whatever's easiest but I'm not familiar enough with your process for doling out initial salvage/exploration info packets and follow-up on them to feel comfortable just leaping ahead with whatever interpersonal plots seem to flow. What would you prefer?
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[personal profile] ventifact 2016-03-04 04:10 am (UTC)(link)
thank you for the speedy reply! we will be on the lookout for any updates on the status of this find.