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E N V I R O N M E N T   A N D   L O C A T I O N S
Since July 2015*, the Tranquility crashed on an unnamed planet, forcing characters to fend for themselves to survive in this new and alien environment. There will be no outside information available about the planet, and as such this page will be populated with further locations as characters explore and discover them.

Please be sure to use the EXPLORATION & SALVAGE page or contact a mod if your character is being particularly adventurous or thorough in exploration!

With an atmosphere similar to Earth's, moderate temperatures and liquid water, the planet is capable of sustaining carbon-based life. The ship appears to have crashed in a tropic zone with a tropical monsoon climate, experiencing average highs of 30°C (85°F), average precipitation of 240mm (9 inches) and average relative humidity of 78%. The terrain is mountainous, with the wreck site located on a plateau overlooking a canyon to the west, with mountains visible to the east. The area is densely vegetated, with a forest canopy roughly 80m above ground level and abundant and diverse flora and fauna, though the nearest sources of groundwater are highly acidic, and not drinkable.

The planet is orbited by two moons: one smaller and farther away, and one larger and closer. The smaller moon is always visible in the sky, and goes through a full cycle of phases daily, new when the sun is highest and full at the according opposite. The larger moon is visible in the sky for 13 hours a day, and cycles to full on the 15th of every month.

The gravity is a little stronger than Earth's, meaning characters will feel a little heavier and that moving requires more energy - this should pass as they adapt, though they may notice increased muscle development accordingly.

▒   T H E   W R E C K   S I T E

While the initial impact of the Tranquility on the planet's surface appears to be hundreds of miles away, the remains of the ship have come to a stop at the mouth of a deep gorge, with much of its enormity teetering over the edge of a sheer cliff. Characters initially found themselves able to explore up to 15 miles away from the wreck - this has now expanded significantly, but should characters reach the tether limits, they will still experience severe headaches, nosebleeds, and eventually fall unconscious. This radius will continue to expand as the game progresses through characters 'stretching' their tether to the ship, using the ABILITIES GRID, or plot occurrences.

Within this radius, characters will discover mostly the dense vegetation of the tropical forest. A wide trail of destruction and debris cuts through the jungle, leading to the wreck of the ship and stretching many, many miles away to the east. A river can be found 9 miles to the south of the crash site, stretching 2 miles wide and flowing off the side of the cliff in a huge uninterrupted waterfall. The canyon itself is a mile and a half deep. Should characters venture downwards, they will find more jungle and the river continued at the bottom. To the west and south, over the river or down the canyon, they will discover the jungle becomes only deeper, darker, and more treacherous. To the east, the ground grows steeper, leading towards a range of mountains. To the north, the jungle continues only to thin and break near the tether limit - characters going this far will find themselves looking out over a vast stretch of grasslands, currently still unreachable.

▒   B A S E   C A M P

Beyond the jump perimeter of the Tranquility lies the central base camp for its former passengers. Tent structures make up the majority to house almost two-hundred souls, scattered through the passages of clearing amongst the gigantic trees. The materials used are a mix of things sourced from the forest as well as the Tranquility herself. Some are independent structures, others rely on trees and overhanging branches for support. There is also evidence of passengers building upwards, construction efforts touching higher climbs in the trees. Established fire pits make for central communal areas.

Amenities and resources are rationed to all. Water sourced from regular rainfall is stored and kept for hydration and hygiene. There are several of these set ups to maximize on rain conservation, along with centralized efforts for food storage, supplied by gathering efforts, entirely sourced from the forest in the forms of seeds, small fruits, and smoked meat. Individual efforts to stay fed must supplement the supply. There is a centralized power system which supply power to the harsh artificial lights rigged up around camp and other projects requiring electronics, but for the most part, low tech rough living is the experience for the majority of people.

This area is subject to changes based on character ingenuity. Drastic alterations should be a community effort, while minimal improvements may also improve quality of living. If you wish to add or edit something that could be of long term benefit or change to base camp, please contact a mod.
▒   S C Y L L A   C R E W   C A M P

Out to the far north of base camp, the surviving 25 or so crew of the Scylla have built their own camp. Some are sturdy structures on the ground, but most are built up in the tree's branches, giving the residents security from the jungle's wildlife, as well as the ability to see anything coming. With a smaller, more survival-experienced population, the Scylla crew are suspicious of visitors but not entirely unwelcoming - especially if you have something to trade.

▒   F L O R A   A N D   F A U N A

Though the crash will have scared much of the immediate area's wildlife away, exploration of the jungle will begin to uncover some of the hardier sorts, as well as some of the planet's unusual plantlife. More will be discovered as the game progresses, and players are encouraged to submit suggestions. READ MORE ABOUT THE PLANET'S FLORA AND FAUNA ➡
▒   T H E   T R A N Q U I L I T Y
The wreckage of the Tranquility is dangerously unstable, precariously balanced at the edge of the cliff. Creaks and groans are audible daily, warning of just how fragile this position is. The lower part of the wide end, containing the medical bay, bridge, crew quarters and auxiliary thrusters are more immediately accessible, having come to a rest sideways on the plateau, while the thin end, containing the secondary shuttle bay, oxygen gardens and engineering complex juts out into open air above the canyon. The upper part of the wide end, containing the passenger quarters, shuttle bay and science department, appears to have sheared off completely during the crash, and is entirely missing.


▒   M E D I C A L   B A Y

The most immediately accessible area of the ship's wreckage, and where characters will wake up. The medical bay is largely intact, lit red with emergency lighting. The gravity couches remain functional, while most of the medical bay's other tech is without power. Many of the bay's supplies and fittings have been thrown into disarray, and sections of wall or ceiling have fallen in, preventing easy access. The elevators previously leading to the rest of the ship are missing, leaving only exposed elevator shafts.
▒   S A L V A G I N G   T H E   S H I P
Characters can enter into the ship in an effort to salvage resources and technology, but must bear in mind the dangerous instability of the wreckage. Small teams making quick but cautious work of it will have the best chances of success, especially venturing out into the thinner end. Please use the EXPLORATION & SALVAGE page or contact a mod if you intend to have your character attempt any salvage of the ship. READ MORE ABOUT THE TRANQUILITY'S RESOURCES AND TECH ➡

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