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E X P L O R A T I O N   A N D   S A L V A G E
Looking to salvage tech from the ship? Want to organize a charting expedition out into the jungle? Then you've come to the right place! Read the information below and use the forms to submit a request for mod-generated information on your characters' exploration efforts.

E X P L O R E   ( T H E   J U N G L E )
As a general activity, trips out into the jungle do not need mod input. If your character is venturing out to do some hunting or foraging, or heading down to the river, you need only work off the information available on the SETTING page and use your discretion. However, if your characters are venturing deeper into the jungle or down the cliff on a more concerted mission to explore, then this is the place for you.

Only one jungle exploration will be granted per character per month. While exploration is the primary avenue by which the game will expand and progress, large plot reveals are not guaranteed as we will also have to keep in mind pacing and game adjustment. If your exploration does involve a plot reveal, you will be required to disseminate this to the rest of the game upon your characters' return.

Please give us at least one week from the time of your request to your preferred date to write up the information for you.

S A L V A G E   ( T H E   S H I P )
The wreckage of the Tranquility is extremely unstable, making expeditions inside to salvage technology or supplies very dangerous. At the moment, Medical is the only freely accessible area - any attempts to press in further than Medical must be submitted here.

Due to the amount of damage which has been caused to the Tranquility's internal structure, your character knowing where they're going is a necessity to navigate the obstacles and blockages they are likely to encounter. Some areas will also need the nanite access granted by having signed up to that department while on board to enter or for the successful salvage of particular items. Activity in an area will also increase that area's instability; return trips will not be possible until it's had time to stabilize again.

Only one salvage attempt will be granted per character per month, any one specific area of the ship can only be salvaged from once a month, and only one salvage attempt can happen at a time.

Please give us at least one week from the time of your request to your preferred date to write up the information for you.

NOTE Barring timing conflicts, your character can be involved in any one exploration attempt AND any one salvage attempt per month, but not two explorations or two salvages in a single month.

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[personal profile] ryuuzaki 2015-08-29 07:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: E

L ([personal profile] ryuuzaki)
Darcy ([personal profile] 50000volts)
Eleanor ([personal profile] notyourutopian)
Death (DC) ([personal profile] acapriciousthing)
Rey ([personal profile] circumitus)
Firo ([personal profile] foundafamily)
Fenris ([personal profile] judex)
Tadashi ([personal profile] tadashiwashere)
Carlisle ([personal profile] tongueamok)
Rikku ([personal profile] klutziness) (this character's participation may be slightly tentative)

Preferred Date: First week of September
Preferred Length: No more than a couple of days -- how long will it take?
Area: Comms Hub, and potentially corridor areas on the path to and from, or right nearby.
Intention: Tech and tools, as well as maybe a handful of personal items stored in Comms.
Skills: Tech knowledge, engineering knowledge, magical skills, healing skills. This group has been arranged more or less like a large D&D party, with a handful of people who know the equipment and area well, and other people who can help move large items either physically or magically, as well as help out if the group runs into trouble.
Supplies: I don't have a lot of info about what's available for them to take, to be honest. They'd take what they needed, depending on how long the whole expedition would take. i.e. if it's a few hours or just "all day" then food is much less of a concern than it would be if it takes several days.

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[personal profile] doggedly 2015-08-31 05:13 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Cee!
Characters: Sirius Black ([personal profile] doggedly) | Remus Lupin ([personal profile] fullmoon | Kate Bishop ([personal profile] alsohawkeye)
Preferred date: Both MJ & I (icly Remus & Sirius, respectively) have pending salvage missions that will be taking place in September. I believe mine is still TBD with tentative intent for the 2nd week of September, and it looks like the one MJ is on is tentatively scheduled for the 3rd week of September but has not been officially requested (that I know of). with all of this in mind, and for the sake of organization and ic knowledge, I would like to request the 1st week of September if possible for this short expedition.
Preferred length: as I said above, we have some small salvage mission stuff pending that will narrow our ic time. maybe just a few days at the very most. I'll go into more depth in the INTENTION section below but they won't be going farther than the tether (15 miles).

Area: heading upstream along the river, for a general exploration of the depths of the jungle and to confirm rumors of a limited range of exploration.
Intention: (majorly edited this afternoon.) in specific we would like to discover the truth of the tether. after some initial ooc questioning I think it's safe to establish that the presence of the tether is at least the stuff of IC rumor. given the lack of initial resources, the trauma of arrival, and the transit time required for 15 miles in a single direction, without getting turned around, letting it stand as rumor seems reasonable and would allow for future corroboration of symptoms so whatever is experienced isn't a weird isolated incident of extreme nosebleeds. we would like to use our exploration to affirm the presence of the tether.

ICly there would be several objectives. heading up the river seems the best chance of finding signs of civilization, of finding the source of the acid/an untainted water source, or at least of heading as far out as possible with less chance of getting lost. obviously we don't expect to accomplish all of these goals, and we understand the first two are extreme longshots, but it makes sense IC to give it a try.

but at the very least the mission will allow PCs to test the rumor of a perimeter that can't be crossed and get some additional measurements and info about that so they can deliver it back to the group - but we've added in the other pieces as well, so if there are any cooler bones that could be thrown our way here, that'd be awesome.

Skills: both Remus and Sirius come equipped with magic. defensive spells and orienteering spells would be of specific use here, as well as general charms (levitation charms to clear obstructed paths, etc etc). it’s worth it to note that Remus is wandless but is still useful. Kate is a sharpshooter and comes armed with a bow. none of them are whiners and all of them like to explore; good positive attitudes are totally a skill. Sirius also has the Animagus transformation at his disposal, so they also have a bonus tracker dog.
Supplies: enough food to last them at least 3 days. a salvaged cup for the Aguamenti spell aka drinking water (only a little at a time though). bedding stuff with the intent to camp out under the weird new stars.
Edited (LAUGHS AT MYSELF.......... + important edit of our goal) 2015-08-31 19:36 (UTC)

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[personal profile] bespectacle 2015-09-01 01:11 pm (UTC)(link)
Name: Chinatown
Characters: Harry Potter ([personal profile] bespectacle) and Chell ([personal profile] toomuchtenacity)
Preferred Date: 3rd week of September!
Preferred Length: No particular preference, but since modwork seems busy and we all have a lot going on perhaps shorter is better (if at all manageable; we're going the furthest into the ship as far as I can tell at the moment)-- I would be comfortable with 1 week
Area: The Oxygen Gardens
Intention: Seeds for planting crops, and pH analysis equipment
  • Harry Potter universe magic (full range, significant weaknesses include healing; likely spells will include Apparation to escape the ship if things look to be going South)
  • Agriculture nanite access & geographical familiarity
  • Long fall boots (Chell)
  • Flying broom (Harry/both, so as to disturb the ship's balance minimally)
  • Invisibility cloak (Harry/both, the ends of the broom are likely to show)
  • Wand (Harry)
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[personal profile] bespectacle 2015-09-02 04:00 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Chinatown
Characters: Harry Potter ([personal profile] bespectacle) and Hermione Granger ([personal profile] frizzard)
Preferred date: No preference; the only conflict would be Harry's Salvage run, if both are approved for the same month/September
Preferred length: Per Melissa and my conversation, we just want to start out sketching some of the basics for the character community, so this can be relatively brief. A few days stretched out over 1-2 weeks should be fine. If that's too much modwork, I'm sure we'd be pleased to be hit by a storm/flock of critters/or something and dropped in the jungle overnight or something that would let you guys give us a more precise, singular hook! Alternatively if they just get a bunch of photos, they can go home with that relatively uneventful haul and disseminate that for other characters' hooks.
Area: The sky! Harry and Hermione are going to go upward on the broom until they hit the end of the tether and/or run out of comfortable atmosphere, and then start trying to construct a map of the area. Not a crazy Marauder's map, just standard.
Intention: Basic, highly general information-gathering about the terrain
Skills: Harry Potter magic, wilderness survival skills per canon
  • Flying broom (1)
  • Magical wands (2)
  • Camping supplies based on our characters' experiences in The Deathly Hallows book (food, water, etc.) to be stored in Hermione's magically extendable bag
  • Wizard camera (1) for photography purposes
  • If they are available in time thanks to Comms' salvage and general tech savvy among the passengers, Tranquility-issue comms and/or datapads too for recording!
Edited (1) i can't code html 2) frittering sub-ideas around) 2015-09-02 04:03 (UTC)
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[personal profile] kutte 2015-09-05 12:59 am (UTC)(link)
Name: eppy
Jax | [personal profile] kutte
Sirius | [personal profile] doggedly
Natasha | [personal profile] vdova
Wash | [personal profile] dino_zarf
Ailanne | [personal profile] ailand
Ginny | [personal profile] chambered
Skye | [personal profile] hacker
Clarke | [personal profile] romancekiller
Preferred Date: during the second week of september!
Preferred Length: no particular preference! a realistic amount of time to scale down into the ship without making a mess of it.
Area: main gunnery station!
Intention: guns and ammo out of the armory, ambitiously the machine guns if they can wrangle it.
Skills: wizardry, strength, support + medical know how, tech know how, earthquake generator.
Supplies: possibly the bare minimum? i'm not totally clear on how much is around to be spared, but i assume they'd take just what they needed for food, water and medical supplies before venturing in!
Edited 2015-09-05 01:00 (UTC)
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[personal profile] queasycrow 2015-10-03 01:10 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Samm
Characters: Garrett Hawke ([personal profile] queasycrow), Carolyn Fry ([personal profile] suddenlycaptain), Lliorel Lavellan ([personal profile] knightenchanted), Enfys Llewelyn ([personal profile] rhyfelgri), Kate Bishop ([personal profile] alsohawkeye) and our tag along stalker, Richard B. Riddick ([personal profile] 20mentholkools)
Preferred date: No preferred date. Time has no meaning. Etc.
Preferred length: Probably something like 2-3 days? But depending on the material and the area and the fact I have no head for gauging distance and time, I am open to suggestion.
Area: The characters will be crossing the river and heading for the triangle (unwittingly) as marked on the map, the one that is level with the ship.
Intention: A generalised exploration, seeing what is on the other side of the river. Food, materials, signs of life, portals back to Thedas, maybe not that last one.
Skills: Hawke and Lliorel both possess powerful combative magical ability, as well as some useful survivalist skills such as being able to generate fire, and Hawke has some generalised practical skill in living in the great outdoors, as does Lliorel with her Dalish heritage. The rest of the humans are all variously durable, with Carolyn sporting something in the way of leadership skills. You know Riddick's talents. No one has an especially scientific bent for whatever they trip across.
Supplies: Enough food to cover 3 or 4 days, or 5 at a stretch/supplemented with their own gathering and hunting. Basic camping gear. Each character will bring something to defend themselves with -- Hawke and Lliorel have magic, Kate has bow and arrows, Riddick has knives, Enfys has an axe, and we'll get Carolyn like a pointy stick or something.

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[personal profile] dogbane 2015-10-03 05:48 am (UTC)(link)
Name: Chinatown/[ profile] pyg
Characters: William Tsang [personal profile] dogbane and Takeshi [personal profile] throwsdown
Preferred date: First half of October 2015 please!
Preferred length: Maximum 2 IC weeks preferred!
Area: East, toward the rightmost red triangle perhaps?
Intention: There are a couple of ways this could happen, but it's honestly almost the same thing. William will be using his astral projection to wander through the jungle in general, trying to keep an eye out for longer-distance threats. However, Takeshi (suited up) will periodically be wandering about too, and leave a note when he heads out further than about half a mile. Either of them can be the first to notice something of interest laying toward the East, and then go get the other, or possibly Takeshi will run off and William will go look for him. Alternatively, as they wander about foraging, they'll hit it!

They will definitely be sharing their discovery with other people. We might drama this up depending on what this is (e.g., one of them could get in trouble, the other go to get help).

Note that William's powers allow him to walk through walls (or fall through floors) and this might be useful for weird discoveries. Additionally, Takeshi is super strong and super fast in his suit, as you may know, and I imagine he can also climb trees and spy upon things from far away. He would be able to breach barriers and other physical obstacles that would stop most other people.
Skills: Basic survival skills, learned on-game, including foraging
  • Takeshi's suit
  • William's golem body
  • Cooking/firestarting supplies, some food
  • Full canteen(s) of water
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    Salvage Request Revisions

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    [personal profile] fullmoon 2015-12-30 06:57 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: MJ

    • Bucky Barnes ([personal profile] coldshot)
    • Gavroche Thernardier ([personal profile] lafautedevoltaire)
    • Jack Benjamin ([personal profile] benumbing)
    • L ([personal profile] ryuuzaki)
    • Remus Lupin ([personal profile] fullmoon)
    • Rey ([profile] circumitis)
    • Rue Lancaster ([personal profile] pixelation)
    • Sirius Black ([personal profile] doggedly)

    Preferred date: Given how big the group is, we'd like to make sure they're not all AWOL for any major modplot events. Otherwise, as soon as is reasonable!

    Preferred length: Up to a week.

    Area: OOC, we're aiming for the southernmost red triangle. IC, they'll cross the river at the island above the cliffside and make their way down the cliff face--possibly with some engineering skills, rope, etc., possibly with side-along Apparition or other cheats, depending on what makes sense at the time. If something is visible from the cliff top, they may head straight for it. Otherwise they will set up camp near the river at the bottom of the cliff and divide the group in half or thirds to comb the surrounding area more thoroughly.

    Intention: They'll be setting out with the specific intention of looking for weird shit that might shed light on all of the other weird shit. Along the way they'll also have an eye out for food or non-acidic water sources or signs of sentient life. They'll test and mark the tether range when they head that way.


    • Magic, including Apparition (Sirius only, Remus would splinch and it would be sad).
    • Technopathy.
    • Various levels of competency with guns, knives, and most 20th and 29th century weaponry.
    • Hand-to-hand fighting.
    • Pyrokinesis (basically, due to Rey’s heat/combustion abilities and how far she has leveled up her Reality Manipulation).
    • Wilderness survival knowledge.
    • Climbing.
    • Stealth.
    • Demolitions.
    • Basic mechanics.
    • Piloting.
    • Virtual reality interface.
    • Lockpicking.
    • General technical skills.
    • Deduction/close observation/etc. (Unlikely to miss pertinent details.)
    • Military training + survival skills


    • Canvas for tents.
    • Bed rolls.
    • Water and food.
    • Knives.
    • Potato gun.
    • Lightning rifle.
    • Rope.
    • Matches.
    • First aid basics.
    • Blaster pistol.
    • Lightsaber.
    • Beretta M9 with 13 rounds

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    ventifact: easystreet @ dw (alone together)

    [personal profile] ventifact 2016-02-07 06:34 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: iola
    Characters: Rey [[personal profile] ventifact], AJ [[personal profile] hairrands]
    Preferred Date: I believe it will have to be next month, as Rey will be taking part in the water purifier salvage this month.
    Preferred Length: A day at max, perhaps two.
    Area: Rey & AJ want to climb all over the outside of the ship and scout for top-side entrances, as well as useful artifacts.
    Intention: General scouting, and picking up any cool/useful salvage along the way. If there are any yet undiscovered entryways, they would report back to the rest of the ship first, probably.
    -Climbing (both)
    -Scavenging (both)
    -Electrical engineering (both)
    -Mechanical engineering (Rey)
    -Mechanically minded (both)
    -Fair marksmanship (AJ, bow and arrows)
    -Martial weapon use (Rey)
    -Level 3 manifestation (AJ)
    -Basic Force powers (Rey)
    Supplies: Rey will have the clothes on her back, some rope, her quarterstaff, Luke's lightsaber, and some food. AJ will have a pack of food and other climbing-minded things, a bow and arrow, a comm device, and a mirror shard.
    Edited 2016-02-07 18:42 (UTC)


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    [personal profile] dino_zarf 2016-02-20 10:16 pm (UTC)(link)
    Name: Yubsie
    Characters: Wash([personal profile] dino_zarf)
    Chell ([personal profile] toomuchtenacity)
    Wanda Maximoff ([personal profile] divaricate)
    Eleanor Lamb ([personal profile] notyourutopian)
    Erik Lehnsherr ([personal profile] sorrycharles)
    Rey Why Does Neither Rey Have a Last Name ([personal profile] ventifact)
    Zoe Washburne ([personal profile] sanguine_zoe)

    Preferred Date: End of February
    Preferred Length: However long it takes to get to the gardens and haul the equipment out
    Area: Oxygen gardens
    Intention: They're going after the water purification gear
    Skills: Agriculture nanites and department knowledge (Chell)
    Salvage experience (Wash, Zoe, Rey)
    Tranquility exploration experience (Wash, Erik)
    Experience keeping Wash out of trouble (Zoe)
    Experience with water systems (Eleanor)
    Being Magneto [Good for forcing through and hauling metal parts back] (Erik)
    The Force (Rey)
    Supplies: Various small arms
    Longfall boots
    Food and water proportional to the trip

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    hairrands: (Happy - Surprise)

    exploration request for March

    [personal profile] hairrands 2016-03-04 05:15 am (UTC)(link)
    Name: Dray (with a side of Anodyne)
    Characters: AJ Harris([personal profile] hairrands); Algidus ([personal profile] thecoldshoulder)
    Preferred date: Later in March, after some of the colonization gear has been found and spread through camp.
    Preferred length: Anywhere from three to eight days
    Area: North, along the cliff-side.

    Intention: Algidus and AJ are finally deciding to strike away from the main camp to set up a base of their own. Now that they have some materials that will keep the ice alien chill, and the immediate threat of rampaging animals is over, the pair of antisocial ingrates have had enough of the non-stop emotion and memory transfers and are looking for somewhere a little quieter. They're using the visible cliff as a visual guide to get their bearings, and might run across the un-explored triangle north of the ship. If so, they'll explore it as a possible avenue for a place to stay, or else report it back to the camp if it appears dangerous. AJ's also on the look-out for more of the berries she used to create her first bottle of alcoholic swill, but that's something she's been off and on gathering since she first started leaving camp again.

    AJ: Bow-wielding (ranged abilities), climbing, survival/camping skills under malevolent conditions, telepathy resistance. Level 2 empathy and level 4 manifestation. Weak to hand to hand frays and feats requiring strength.
    Algidus: Extreme proficiency with hand to hand combat, ice armor, anti-gravity (focused around himself), various ranged attacks utilizing 'hail' (large balls of spikey ice summoned overhead and shot towards a target), summoning sharp spires of ice from the ground to impale a target, modification of his own body to form tools (aka turning an arm into a spear or bludgeoning device), liquidization of his body to reform some distance away. General great endurance. Sensitivity to extreme heat.
    Supplies: AJ will bring a backpack with rations for three days, some water (and a tarp to collect rain-water), rope, a knife, and both network equivalents. Algidus is mostly self-sufficient and will provide for hunting to offset the rations.
    Edited (broken htmlx2) 2016-03-04 05:16 (UTC)